Host a Microchipping Clinic

Microchip your Pet

Host a Microchip Clinic

Sponsoring a microchip clinic provides a worthy public service guaranteed to attract local animal lovers to your event. Clinics are a great fundraiser, open house event and/ or public service offering.

With the AKC Reunite, hosting a microchip clinic is both easy and beneficial. To get more information on organizing a microchipping clinic please call 800-252-7894 or email with your phone number and the date(s) of your clinic. An AKC Reunite representative will contact you to help get you started. We are committed to providing you with support and turnkey resources to make your microchip clinic a success.

Helpful hints for hosting a successful microchip clinic

  • Download our helpful checklist
  • Plan early! Be sure to order the microchips at least two weeks prior to event
  • Work with a veterinarian you are familiar with and arrange for them to volunteer their time to implant microchips at your clinic. Veterinarians, in kind, can promote their practice during the clinic.
  • Promote your event with our helpful Press Release and Promotional Flyer templates.
  • Secure staffing to assist the veterinarian, help with paperwork.
  • Have a set time for your clinic (i.e. 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.) to maximize turnout and not waste the volunteers’ time
  • Have a table available to place small animals upon while implanting the microchip
  • If your event will be held outdoors, have an alternate rain date and list this date on all promotional materials
  • Have the right materials
    • Microchips
    • A universal scanner that reads or ALL microchips, like the AKC Reunite Proscan 700
    • AKC Reunite Enrollment Forms
    • AKC Reunite Promotional Materials
    • Spare change and a cash box
  • Please note: If you are holding OFA or CERF clinics and need to read and record the actual microchip numbers already implanted, you need a universal scanner that can read all microchip frequencies, including ISO microchips, like the AKC Reunite ProScan 700.