The Three Husk-A-Teers!

Did you know dogs can also be swayed by peer pressure? One of our microchipped and enrolled pet owners found this out quickly when three of her five dogs went missing one night.

Milo, the initiator, figured out how to open the sliding glass door to their backyard. And while their owner Julia was asleep, he and his partners in crime dug a hole under the fence and escaped into the night. When Julia woke and realized they were gone, she immediately reported them missing to AKC Reunite. Milo returned home soon after, but Ace and Nina, were nowhere to be found.

Thankfully a Good Samaritan in Julia’s neighborhood found the other two missing pups and after seeing an AKC Reunite collar tag, she contacted us! Julia was quickly notified that her dogs were located, and she was able to contact her neighbor directly.

“It was SUCH a relief to know that they were safe” said Julia.


Jo-Jo the Yorkshire Terrier

Almost two years ago, Jo-Jo disappeared from his back yard. Then his owner Sarah received the long-awaited phone call — Jo-Jo had been safely found.

Bonnie the Brave Shih Tzu

Bonnie was only gone for 15 minutes, but it was enough time for her microchip to be detected and for AKC Reunite to call her owners vacationing in England.

Toby the Neighborhood Tourist

Toby the Chow Chow went missing one day from his yard. Eleven days later, out of nowhere, Toby returned!With the dangers of busy streets and speeding cars, pet theft, and other loose animals, Toby was lucky to have made it home unscathed. But if Toby becomes a frequent flyer and makes wandering away from home a habit, he might not be as fortunate. That’s why AKC Reunite is here 24/7 to protect dogs like Toby that could wander. At AKC Reunite, we encourage all pet owners to increase their pet’s protection by enrolling them with our recovery service, so we can notify pet owners when their lost pet has been found!