Bruno is AKC Reunited

When Bruno the 7-month-old Husky pup wandered out of the open gate in his backyard, his owner Carolyn didn’t immediately panic. Bruno would often venture off their property to go play at a nearby pond, so it wasn’t strange for Bruno to be missing for a few hours. But when evening turned into morning, and Bruno still hadn’t returned, Carolyn started to worry.

She immediately reported him missing on social media and to AKC Reunite. And with her Lost Pet Alert package, a poster of Bruno’s details was created for Carolyn to share and was immediately broadcasted to local animal shelters, veterinarians, and pet lovers in her community.

Thankfully her quick thinking helped reunite her with Bruno! Turns out he hadn’t gotten too far and was just down the road at the neighbor’s house!

“It is so important to register your pet’s microchip with AKC Reunite [and add the Lost Pet Alert] to help alert local veterinarians and shelters should your pet go missing” said Carolyn.

With the help of Facebook, Bruno’s enrolled microchip with AKC Reunite, and his Lost Pet Alert broadcast, Bruno was safely returned home in less than 48 hours!


Jo-Jo the Yorkshire Terrier

Almost two years ago, Jo-Jo disappeared from his back yard. Then his owner Sarah received the long-awaited phone call — Jo-Jo had been safely found.

Bonnie the Brave Shih Tzu

Bonnie was only gone for 15 minutes, but it was enough time for her microchip to be detected and for AKC Reunite to call her owners vacationing in England.

Toby the Neighborhood Tourist

Toby the Chow Chow went missing one day from his yard. Eleven days later, out of nowhere, Toby returned!With the dangers of busy streets and speeding cars, pet theft, and other loose animals, Toby was lucky to have made it home unscathed. But if Toby becomes a frequent flyer and makes wandering away from home a habit, he might not be as fortunate. That’s why AKC Reunite is here 24/7 to protect dogs like Toby that could wander. At AKC Reunite, we encourage all pet owners to increase their pet’s protection by enrolling them with our recovery service, so we can notify pet owners when their lost pet has been found!

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