Bonnie the Brave Shih Tzu

Daring little Bonnie was only missing for 15 minutes, but it was enough time for her microchip to be detected and for AKC Reunite to contact her owners.

Bonnie’s owners were vacationing in England and apparently Bonnie didn’t want to miss out on traveling internationally. She didn’t make it very far though (only traveling two houses down), but it was still a valiant effort! Apparently when the dog sitter went to retrieve the mail, Bonnie made a run for it slipping out of the front door. A neighbor two houses away picked Bonnie up and not recognizing her, called animal control. They arrived at the house within five minutes and used a wand scan to locate Bonnie’s microchip. AKC Reunite was contacted and then they immediately called Bonnie’s owner vacationing in England, who then called the sitter state-side. Turns out, the sitter was already on her way to pick up Bonnie as she too had contacted animal control when she realized Bonnie was not in the house!

Pets can be creatures of habit, and when their routines change, so can their behaviors. It is critical to microchip and enroll your pets with AKC Reunite in case your pet becomes nervous, anxious, or courageous when you’re not home. And if you have a house-sitter, inform them of prior behaviors so they can be on the lookout and know who to contact if your pet escapes.


Toby the Neighborhood Tourist

Toby the Chow Chow went missing one day from his yard. Eleven days later, out of nowhere, Toby returned!With the dangers of busy streets and speeding cars, pet theft, and other loose animals, Toby was lucky to have made it home unscathed. But if Toby becomes a frequent flyer and makes wandering away from home a habit, he might not be as fortunate. That’s why AKC Reunite is here 24/7 to protect dogs like Toby that could wander. At AKC Reunite, we encourage all pet owners to increase their pet’s protection by enrolling them with our recovery service, so we can notify pet owners when their lost pet has been found!

Max’s Big Day Out

Max the domestic long-hair saved one of his nine lives! Since he is an indoor cat, he doesn’t wear a collar, which was problematic when he escaped.

The Three Husk-A-Teers!

Did you know dogs can also be swayed by peer pressure? One of our microchipped and enrolled pet owners found this out quickly when three of her five dogs went missing one night.