Breed Awareness and Safety

When you see a dog of a particular breed do you automatically make assumptions about its likely behavior? When you see a “friendly” breed, do you automatically assume that he is, indeed, friendly?

CatNip Times: Sleeping

By Dana Mack, The Catnip Times If you’re a cat owner you will no doubt have woken up at some point to find a cat nuzzled up to you or sitting on your belly or head! So you may be curious to know why your cat loves sleeping with you. There are a number of key reasons: 1. Security Even though cats are small predators, they are also at risk of being hunted by bigger [...]

Elena Mae’s Journey Home

Elena Mae is AKC Reunited575 days — that’s how long it took for Angela and her son to be reunited with their 2 year old Cocker Spaniel Elena Mae; but it only took seconds for Elena Mae to recognize her owners.In January of 2018, after a long shift at the office, Angela never expected to come home and find Elena Mae had escaped her running lead and their privacy fence. Immediately Angela contacted AKC Reunite, [...]

Nino’s Homecoming

Welcome Home Nino!You never know what your pet can do when you’re not looking! That’s why we’re available and standing by the phone 24/7/365 for when your pet disappears.Nino the four-month old teacup Yorkie gave his owners a scare when they searched the house and couldn’t find him anywhere! They called AKC Reunite to report him lost and we were on stand-by to reunite Nino with his family. Lo and behold, Nino was soon discovered, [...]

Stitch the Houdini Hound

Stitch is AKC Reunited Itching for exploration, Stitch decided to go sight-seeing outside her fenced in yard. For days Stitch had been digging a hole, but her owner Carla had no idea just how big of a hole Stitch had dug until she had already escaped! Stitch was on the loose several streets away from Carla’s neighborhood when she decided to take a run alongside a lady and join her morning cardio workout! The [...]